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August 5th, 2006, 2:59 am

Contributors Updated

Thats right...and it only took me how long?

Well anyway it's done and I'm 99% sure I made at least one counting error...odds are there are many more in there...but I don't think it matters that much, Sandcomics with the recent burst leads by far with me behind and then animtors delight and Fwipp, followed by Enkida and you know what...if you want any more you can feel free to go look at it because guess what...I Updated it...well I'm just happy I got it done okay. Tooke ages too, anyway I'll update it again at 150 cards, judging by how many cards Sandcomics is getting in that could be tomorrow...

June 30th, 2006, 8:14 am

New skin thanks to Enkida

I am really suprised at just how good this skin suits the site so well and is just so very pretty...and it is all thanks to Enkida...and judging that she's not too swamped she could probably make one for you too if you slip a donator code her way.

Other than that the initial entries have finally dried up and I can submit cards almost as good as I get keep up the entries and who knows...maybe we could hit 100 cards in July...

June 22nd, 2006, 9:22 am

Contributers Page up and going

Thats right I added the contributors page as at 48's almost 50...lets hope it hits that...anyway there was 13 contributors for that 48 which I'm quote proud of and I hope they keep it up because we've had some great cards come up...

If you haven't entered yet but want to just check out the how to page...then from there you can just pm me your work or post it in the's really easy and everyone has said just how fun it is so yeah give it a try and your work will end up here...I have not turned any away yet and don't see myself turning away any in the future...

Anyway thanks for the read and toodles...

June 20th, 2006, 12:30 am

Welcome Welcome Welcome

Welcome to this webcomic including a range of Magic Cards created by anyone and everyone...even you can enter just check out the how to section...and you aren't limited in entries or anything...well yet at least...but I don't see why you ever would be either though.

Now I know the contributers page is down but I will update that once all the cards lined up for release are out and gone because I want to be able to work off the archive for it and in there there is 25 comics missing meaning the numbers would be just a little yeah as soon as everything dies down a little and I'm maybe 5-10 ahead only I'll set up that then there will be different amounts to post for everything so there won't just be a huge list of 1's...

Other than that I don't have a definite name for this site yet...I know I called it the Jeevsing...but thats going to chenge...because in the first place it was meant to be the Jeevesing...not the e...but heres a list to vote on so just post your vote and we can pick a winner...

-Magic: The Jeevesing
-Magic: The Bothering
-Magic: The Gathering (I know it's the orig name but it fits because it's a gathering of guest comics)
-Magic: The Next Set
-Magic: The MADNESS
-Gathering the Magic
-Magic: Slightly Warped
-Magic Deck
-Magic: Duel with these!!!
-Magic: Unreleased
-Magic: Unstitched
-Magic: Unraveled(sp?)(All three of these along the lines of Unglued, Unhinged sets)
-Mahic: Championship Deck

Anyway thanks for the read and please keep contributing, cheers and toodles...

     Latest Addition: "Smile From Nowhere - Blingmobile"

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