Magic: The Jeevsing

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How To Enter

Entering is very simple...all you need is an idea! Getting this idea onto a card can be done in multiple ways.

Option 1: Download a program that makes custom Magic cards, such as the [Magic Set Editor].

Option 2: Go to the template page of this site and right-click, save and edit the card images provided however you want to. This process is much more taxing on you but has the advantage of being much more customizable.

Option 3: Get me to make a card for you. You will need to supply me with the following details:
  • Card Name (Ex: "Tannie")
  • Card Cost (Numbers and/or any combination of the five game colours. Ex: "69")
  • Card Type (Legendary, Creature, Sorcery, Instant, Enchantment, Enchant Creature. Ex: "Forgotten Legend - King")
  • Text (The card's abilities. Ex: "3: Tannie becomes...")
  • Flavour Text (The text that goes near the bottom of the card...usually a quote. Ex: "I wish he...")
  • Power/Toughness (The attack/defense of the card, only available for creatures. Creatures with 0 defense actually can't enter play thus making the card extra useless. Ex: "6/9")
  • Logo (A special logo that can go on each of your cards. Ex: golden "T")
  • Logo Colour (Gold, Silver and Black. Signifies rarity of the card, gold being the rarest. Ex: golden "T")
  • Picture (An image to use in the card)
Post your request in the [forum] or send me (Tanis) a Private Message via the Smackjeeves site.

Card Submission Rules

  1. No pornography in the card pictures
  2. Please attempt to be funny without being overly crude... swearing every second word doesn't necessarily make a card funny
  3. Be funny
  4. Have fun

Sample Card:

If you're looking for ideas or guidelines concerning card abilities, try the [Wikipedia entry] on Magic rules for a complete list of terms and abilities.

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